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Do I have to enter my measurements every time I want to purchase a garment? + -

No, just insert your anatomical measurements during the first purchase or let our sales executive enter them for you during an appointment. They will remain stored in your Personal Profile (“Measurements” section) and will be used by our modelers to make all your garments.

Do the inserted measurements apply to all the products you offer? + -

Yes, once you enter your anatomical measurements, we will be able to package all our products.

How can I be sure that my measurements are correct? Is it difficult? + -

Our tutorial is designed to get a precise result of your measurements in a few minutes. If our specialists will evaluate the inserted measures as non-compliant, they will contact you to ask you to double check and help you refining them. If you have any doubts or want assistance, feel free to contact our customer service ( or join us by appointment (currently possible in Delhi NCR only.)

Can I check and / or change my measurements? + -

Yes, your anatomical measurements can be modified in your personal profile (“Measurements” section) until the first purchase, after which they will be saved and locked in order to enable us to make your garments. If you would like to change your measurements after receiving the first order or if you would like to receive the details of your saved measures, please contact our customer service (

Can I enter the measurements of an existing item? + -

No, we cannot apply the measures of an existing garment to our models, since they are constructed differently. We will work on your anatomical measurements to get the most correct fit for you. If you want to give us more information after entering your anatomic measurements, you can contact our customer service (

How can I make extra requests? + -

Use the “Notes” field available before check-out to enter any additional requests or indications (e. g. “high waist”). Remember that you may be contacted for any clarifications; please, check the e-mail box matched to your registration e-mail address. 



The item I received is fine, but I would like to update some measures before my next order. + -

If you need to make some changes to your measurements, contact our customer service ( In order to better understand your needs, you will be asked to send 3 photographs (front, side, back) of the garment worn in a natural position. If you already know the exact changes you intend to make, please indicate them in your message. We will give you confirmation as soon as the data in the profile will be updated.

The garment I received does not fit me as I wish. What can I do? + -

If you feel that your garment needs some adjustments, write us at within 30 days of receiving the garment or from the day when the order was received, attaching at least 3 photos (front, side, back) in which you wear the garment you would like to change.
In India you can then make an appointment with one of our sales executives to conduct a fitting. This service is currently only available in Delhi NCR. 

For more information, visit the Alterations and exchanges section.

I do not like the fabric of the garment I received, what can I do? + -

We are constantly investing to offer a description and a photographic representation of the products as realistic as possible. Despite this, due to the digital rendering of images on the web, the various light settings of the screens or other external conditions, it is still possible that the representation of online products is not completely in conformity with reality. 

Currently, the return of a garment that does not reflect the customer’s tastes is not allowed.

Will the garments shrink after washing? + -

It is possible that after the first wash, the fabric of shirts and polo shirts shrinks a little in a variable way depending on the fabric. In most cases this does not compromise the wearability of the garment, but helps the fabric and the structure of the garment to settle. We suggest you to wash your garment at least once before evaluating the final fit of the item.

Can I return my order? + -

If you are not completely satisfied with your order, you can request a full refund following our cancellation policy. Check the requirements and follow the instructions in the Alterations and exchanges section, contacting our customer service in advance (



Is a wool fabric also wearable in summer? + -

Wool fabrics are also suitable for the warmer seasons thanks to the thermoregulation properties of the fibers. To find out which fabrics are best suited for the summer season, apply the “Season: Spring/Summer” filter.

Why are some fabrics more expensive than others? + -

Each fabric has its own peculiarities: some factors such as – for example – the type of fiber or the fineness or the workmanship can make a fabric particularly valuable and therefore more expensive than others.

What do the parameters fineness, value, weight and heat mean? + -

Fineness: indicates the average diameter of the fiber used for the yarn. The higher the value, the finer and more precious the fiber is. Fabrics with a high fineness can be particularly delicate and need more attention and care.

The fineness of the wool is commonly indicated according to a “super” classification system, with values ​​between 100’s and 250’s:

  • 100’s – 140’s: resistant wool, excellent for making men’s clothes for everyday use
  • > 150’s: wool used for incredibly fine fabrics, valuable and exceptionally soft
  • > 160’s: ultrafine wool, excellent for creating light and extremely luxurious fabrics, which however require specific treatments due to their delicacy

The fineness determines the value and use of a wool, but cannot be considered as an exclusive indicator of quality. The finer a wool is, the more it will be soft and exclusive, but the quality of the fabric also depends on the type of raw materials and the working process.

Weight: refers to the weight of a single fabric meter. The so-called “four seasons” clothes, i. e. considered usable from autumn to spring, are made with fabrics between 240 and 270 gr/m. Wool fabrics suitable for summer weigh less than 240 g/m, while winter fabrics start at 270 g/m.
It is important to remember that this measuring system only applies to woolen fabrics. A linen fabric, for example, can weigh up to 390 g/m, but the “breathability” and resistance properties of the fibers make it one of the best summer fabrics.

Warmth: indicates the level of warmth that a fabric is able to offer. There are very heavy fabrics in terms of gr/m, but still they are ideal for summer season (e. g. linen) and fabrics that are simultaneously light and very warm (e. g. cashmere). The “warmth” is therefore an additional indication, to be considered in close correlation with the “weight”.

Excellence: indicates the exclusivity of a fabric, evaluating at the same time different parameters such as fineness, fiber type and textile brand notoriety.



Is there a store in which I can see your products? + -

In India you can book a free appointment with one of our sales executives where you can see and touch a selection of items and evaluate the quality of our craftsmanship. This service is currently only available in Delhi NCR. However, we are constantly trying to expand our services to different cities.

Can I purchase ready made items? + -

No, every The Shirt Dandy garment is made from scratch, based on the customer’s anatomical measurements

Where will my shirt be made? + -

All our products are entirely made in India and almost all the fabrics used are 100% Made in India. However, we also offer imported fabrics.

Is there an intermediate fit test? + -

No, you will receive the finished garment directly. If wearing it for the first time you should realize that you want to make some changes, you can contact our customer service (

Production times + -

The dates for the shipment of the finished garment are indicated once the fabric is selected.
Shirts: about 2 weeks from the e-mail confirming the starting of the production

Is there a specific product you would recommend as a first purchase? + -

Shirt : try the Natural Stretch shirts, produced with 100% cotton, naturally elastic fabrics.

Can I have suggestions about my style? + -

For India, in order to choose the right garment for every single occasion, consult our sales executives by booking an appointment after initially designing your garment

Can I buy a Gift Card? + -

Gift Cards are currently available for purchase exclusively by contacting



Washing instructions + -

The Shirt Dandy garments are semi-crafted, made to measure with fine fabrics and yarns. It is generally recommended to pay the utmost care and attention to cleaning and maintenance, following the instructions provided, avoiding aggressive detergents and washing, to preserve the quality of the garments.

100% cotton shirts: household washing by hand or machine (using a normal process at a maximum temperature of 30°C and low spin 400 rpm ) is allowed. Do not bleach. Tumble drying (spin dryer) is allowed. Iron at a maximum temperature of 110°C (212°F) without steam.
Make sure to remove the undercollar splints from the shirt before washing.

Apparel care + -

  • Whenever you can, brush your garment for 30 seconds with a natural bristled brush, proceeding slowly from top to bottom.
  • When not wearing the jacket, hang it on a shaped hanger – possibly made of cedar. The wood will shape the shoulder structure, absorb the moisture from the fabric and keep away the moths.
  • Each garment should never be worn more than 2 or 3 times a week. A little “rest” lets the fibers breathe and helps to stretch the small crumpling accumulated during the day.
  • Use a garment bag to store your tailored garments on your business or leisure trips.


Care instructions for the shirt + -

  • Wash before wearing the shirt for the first time and then immediately after each use. You will avoid premature yellowing of the fabric.
  • Before each wash, gently pre-treat the most exposed parts – such as cuffs and collar – with marseille soap.
  • Once it’s ironed, keep the shirt in the closet – possibly hanging, not to ruin the fold.
  • It is not to be excluded that after the first wash the fabric shrinks a little in a variable way from fabric to fabric. Follow the washing instructions carefully to minimize the shrinking.




May the price of my garment may vary depending on the details I choose? + -

No, the price depends exclusively on the chosen fabric and does not undergo variations during the customization process.

Taxe Free + -

No purchases are available via the Tax-Free procedure.

Where can I find the receipt for my order? + -

You can find it within your personal Profile (“Orders” section). You can download the receipt as soon as the payment of the order will be recorded (instantly for payments by credit card, Paypal).

How can I request an invoice? + -

You can request an invoice during check-out, before payment. To request an invoice for your next order, click on “Invoicing address” at check-out and enter the billing address. Unfortunately, we are not able to issue invoices when payment has already been done.

My payment is still pending. Why? + -

For payments made by bank transfer, the timing of payment registration may vary depending on the issuing banking institution. For further assistance, contact us.

Available currencies + -

We’re currently supporting the following currencies: Euros (€) and Indian Rupees (INR). The currency you can make purchases with is linked to the country of delivery (Europe: Austria).
To change the purchase currency, it is necessary to change the shipping country, in the upper right corner. It will not be possible to change the country of dispatch of the order after having finalized the payment.

My discount code is not working. Why? + -

Check the error message that is communicated once the code is applied. Verify that the shipping country selected for purchase is the one you want. Check the expiry date shown in the discount code communication. For further assistance, contact us (

Can I combine several discount codes? + -

Depending on the type of discount code, it may be combinable with other codes. Please contact our Customer Support to check whether your codes can be combined or not.



Shipping time + -

The dates indicated on always refer to the shipment of the order from our premises and do not match with the date of the actual delivery to the customer. The expected shipping dates are already indicated once the fabric is chosen. During national holidays, shipping times may be delayed. The final shipping dates are communicated via e-mail and in the Personal Profile (\”Orders\” section) when confirming the order’s production. Shipping times, in any case, cannot be guaranteed. Any delay will be communicated by e-mail.
Shirts : about 1 week from the e-mail confirming the commissioning of the order

Delivery time + -
Once the order has been sent from our laboratories, the delivery is entrusted to local logistics providers in India and normally takes place within:
  • 24/48 hours for deliveries within India.
If your order has been sent, but a delivery exception is displayed on the courier website, contact us ( we will help you to resolve the situation as soon as possible.
Shipping address + -

It is not possible to change the shipping address in the case of orders for which an invoice has been requested. You cannot change the shipping address once the order has been shipped. It is not possible to change the shipping country after paying the order.
To change the shipping address of an order already made, contact the customer service (
To change the shipping address of your next order, you can add the new shipping address or change the address already present in the “Shipping address” section that you will find at the check-out.

Shipping cost + -

The shipping within India is always free. The shipping of a Gift Card Box is always free.

Customs duties + -

Any charges and customs duties are always charged to The Shirt Dandy. If you are asked for the balance of customs duties, contact customer service ( and do not anticipate money.

Where's my order? + -

If your order has been sent, you can track the shipment via the courier’s website. Follow the link in the shipping confirmation e-mail or visit your Personal Profile (“Orders” section) and click on “Visit the courier’s website”. The tracking service will be activated within 24 hours of shipping. In case of non-delivery notice, our customer service (
If your order has not been shipped by the dates announced in the production confirmation email, check the status of the order by accessing your Personal Profile (“Orders” section). Check for delay notifications via e-mail, even in the junk mailbox. Check that the address indicated for shipping is correct.
For further assistance, contact us (
To change the purchase currency, it is necessary to change the shipping country, in the upper right corner. It will not be possible to change the country of dispatch of the order after having finalized the payment.



Is there a store in my city? + -

The Shirt Dandy is an e-commerce brand that currently does not operate any stores globally. Yet, we are rapidly expanding our footprint in India and Austria. To stay informed you can sign up to our newsletter.

In India, The Shirt Dandy offers the service to schedule home appointments. Our sales executives are happy to meet you at a place of your choice within in the cities this service is offered. Currently, this service is available in Delhi NCR. We are constantly working on extending our service to other areas as well.

Do I have to book an appointment? + -

Booking an appointment is optional. We provide the (technical) opportunities to upload your anatomical measurements without consulting a sales executive.

However, your sales executives receive by appointment only, in order to guarantee each customer the time he deserves. The appointment is free and does not imply any obligation to purchase.

You can book an appointment in the Appointment section or check the availability by clicking on “Book Now” after selecting the service and sales executive you prefer. The available times are highlighted in white, those in grey are no longer bookable.

Check, modify or cancel your appointments by accessing your Personal Profile (“Appointments” section).


What's the difference between purchasing online and offline? + -

The prices and products offered in the online catalog and in offline are identical. During appointments, however, you will have the opportunity to compare the different combinations of fabric-lining-buttons and touch the quality of our finished products, thanks to a small selection of test items. Our Style Advisors will also help you with anatomical measurements, saving them on your profile for your future purchases.



I forgot my password/username, what can I do? + -

Click on “Forgot Password?”: you can request a password change by following the instructions you will receive via e-mail. We remind you to check your e-mail (and the junk mailbox).
For further assistance, contact us at

Payment issues + -

If you cannot complete the payment:

  • Check the data and/or the expiry date of the card you are using
  • Please check that the card you are using is enabled for online payments
  • Try using a different device or browser
  • Try to make the payment using an alternative method, for example another card or Paypal

If the problem persists, contact your bank for more information: it could be a block of the card applied momentarily for security reasons.
For further assistance, contact us at

How can I get updates about your events and your promotions? + -

You can subscribe to our newsletter and follow our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Can I save a garment I have customized but do not want to buy immediately? + -

All items in your shopping cart can be saved by clicking on “Save for later”. The items left in your shopping cart will remain stored for a few days. Before cancellation, you will receive a reminder via e-mail.

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