Tailor made for you. Style details that define your personality
Start Creating

In our catalog, you will have a wide selection of fabrics to choose from, personally curated by experts in the field of bespoke that can meet all kinds of needs and requirements. Are you undecided on which fabric to choose? Make an appointment with our experts who will be happy to meet you at home or in your office to help you choose the right fabric for you.

Customize Cloth

After choosing the fabric best suited to your needs, you can customize the details of your shirt so that it can best reflect your personality and style. Thanks to the innovative configurator, you can create a unique garment that is unlike any other and will be uniquely yours.

Still have doubts? You can contact us anytime for help from one of our experts.

Maximum Precision

The garment we will make will be created based on your measurements and physical
characteristics, so that it can fit you perfectly.

For the first purchase the best fit can be ensured if you book an appointment with one of
our experts. 

We recommend you to create a perfectly fitting garment following ONE of these options:

Take your own measurements with our step-by-step guide. Online and straightforward!

Have your measurements taken in the comfort of your own home or office. Our tailors will advise you personally on site and bring all fabric samples with them for the perfect touch and feel experience.

Take your meassurements in 2 minutes by using our AI App tool. Just follow the instructions!

Secure Payments

Make a worry-free payment and wait for confirmation. Your information is safe with us.

Once you make the payment, you will receive your tailored garment directly to your home.