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Premium custom-made shirts tailored to your body

Get your measurements taken
in the comfort of your home.

Book a free home appointment

A perfect custom-made shirt is all about the fit. Book a free home appointment with our mobile tailors and we take your precise measurements.

Or use our AI-web app in your profile section and get your measurements within minutes.

Don’t hesitate to dive into our world of customization and choose from more than 120 fabrics and over 500 customization options!

Stand out from the crowd. Unleash the extraordinary – because blending in was never an option!

Excellent Craftmanship
Finest Custom-tailored
shirts from premium fabric makers. Your look deserves timeless quality

Elevate Your Presence! Unleash the Power of Uniqueness with Custom-Made Shirts. Be Bold, Be You – Because Conformity is Overrated, and Style is an Unapologetic Statement!

Worn by People who Change the World
“Individuality of your style”
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What People Say About Us

100% Fit Guarantee
"My quest for comfortable and stylish shirts has been a constant challenge. the shirt dandy not only rose to the occasion but transformed the experience entirely. The convenience of utilizing their AI-powered measurement app and the real-time configurator made the entire process a breeze. Finally, a brand that seamlessly blends personalized fit with cutting-edge technology!"
Lukas F.
"As someone who is 6”5 tall, I have always been on the lookout for shirts that not only fit perfectly but also reflect my sense of style. The custom-made shirt of the shirt dandy has not only met but exceeded my expectations."
Florian R.
"As a returning customer, the shirt dandy's efficiency continues to amaze me. Once my precise measurements were in their system, placing repeat orders became a matter of seconds. The seamless process and the ability to replicate my favorite tailored shirts effortlessly have solidified my loyalty to a brand that understands the value of both time and precision."
Felix D.
"the shirt dandy never fails to deliver exquisitely made shirts of the highest quality. Even after I lost some weight, they were able to alter my shirt for me and retake my measurements to ensure all future shirts would fit perfectly. They have become my go to brand to buy shirts now!"
Shantanu J.
"Nothing in my wardrobe compares to the fit of the shirts I bought from the shirt dandy. I used to buy ready to wear shirts earlier but after buying custom fitted shirts, I can never go back. The whole process with the 3D configurator and home appointments is so simple and seamless. It’s a joy to make my own shirts the way I want to!"
Rebant M.
"What sets the shirt dandy apart is not only the superior quality of their shirts but also the vast array of customization options available. From choosing the fabric and collar style to selecting the perfect buttons, every detail is customizable, allowing me to create a shirt that truly reflects my personal style. I recommend them to anyone who appreciates high quality and well fitted clothing."
Arvind M.
"I recently bought a shirt from the shirt dandy for my boyfriend’s birthday, and he loved it! He is very particular about his outfits, so when I saw the vast array of customization options available and the convenience of booking a home appointment, I knew this would be perfect for him. He was thoroughly pleased with the quality and fit of the shirt. I would highly recommend the shirt dandy to anyone looking for a personal gift."
Riya G.

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