Slow Fashion and Sustainability at Our Core

We are not just about being the best; we are about doing it in the best way possible. The Shirt Dandy is dedicated to embodying the principles of slow fashion and sustainability. Our commitment to mindful production practices ensures that every custom-made shirt not only tells a unique story but also contributes to a more sustainable and conscious future.

1% for the planet

Inspiring Change Beyond Fashion: Even as a small company we feel obligated to contribute to a greener and better future to our best efforts. Our involvement in 1% for the Planet extends an invitation to our customers and partners to be part of the solution. Together, we contribute to a global movement that recognizes the interconnectedness of all living things and the importance of preserving the environment for future generations.
In choosing the shirt dandy, you’re not just choosing a custom-made shirt; you’re choosing a brand that actively invests in the well-being of our planet. Join us in making a difference—one shirt, one percent at a time. Together, we’re stitching a sustainable legacy for generations to come.

No Seasonal Products, No Mass Production


the shirt dandy fosters a No-Stock-No-Waste-Policy and rejects the idea of seasonal products and mass production. Instead, we focus on the timeless art of custom creation. By steering clear of mass production, we not only eliminate excess inventory but also contribute to the reduction of environmental impact associated with fast fashion.

Less returns


Custom-made shirts contribute to a reduction in returns, which is great for the environment. When you customize a shirt to fit your exact measurements and preferences, the likelihood of it not fitting or meeting your expectations decreases significantly. This means fewer returns due to sizing issues or style preferences, which in turn reduces the overall environmental impact.



In an industry often dominated by the fast-paced trends of "Fast Fashion," our company proudly embraces the values of traditional craftsmanship. We specialize in creating tailored products that forge a genuine connection with our customers, becoming integral pieces in their wardrobes for years to come.

Our commitment to quality and individuality stands as a testament to a departure from the disposable nature of mainstream fashion. By prioritizing enduring craftsmanship and personalized products, we not only contribute to sustainable consumer practices but also foster lasting bonds between individuals and their garments.

Local production - 100% made in India


We are proud of the Indian textile heritage. India provides everything to make world-class shirts, from raw materials to great artisans. A localized supply chain means less reliance on long-distance transportation, leading to a significant reduction in carbon emissions. This aligns with sustainable practices and contributes to a smaller environmental footprint.

Natural fibers - Reduced Microplastic Pollution


Synthetic fibers, such as polyester, release microplastics into the environment during washing. These microplastics find their way into oceans and ecosystems, posing a threat to marine life and ecosystems. Choosing natural fibers helps mitigate this issue, as they do not shed harmful microplastics.

Social sustainability: We lead by positive example
Social sustainability: We lead by positive example

At the heart of our brand lies a deep commitment to social sustainability. We believe that true success is measured not only by profits but by the positive impact we have on the world around us. From ethical sourcing practices to fostering community engagement, we prioritize social responsibility in every aspect of our business. By supporting fair labor practices, championing diversity and inclusion, and investing in local communities, we aim to create a ripple effect of positive change. Join us in our journey towards a more socially sustainable future, where every purchase becomes a meaningful contribution to a better world.